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Essential Morning Routine ‘’Filter Coffee’’

By :Artisan Lapetite Admin 0 comments
Essential Morning Routine ‘’Filter Coffee’’
For people who know nothing about coffee, this may sound like its coffee made in a filter, but it is not exactly this. Generally, filter coffee is created with coffee beans that have been roasted and ground and later used in coffee making machines.

In our day and age, people are extremely busy with their jobs and full schedules. So they look for quick ways to go from one moment to another, and many of them want to drink high-quality coffee, so they choose the filter type.

Here is an example:
  • Coffee filter
  • Coffee powder
  • Water
  • Fresh milk and Sugar based on personal preference

This is the magnificent, unique and most desirable taste for coffee lovers. And this unique recipe is met with the quality of Artisan LaPetite which becomes even more enjoyable for those that drink it. It doesn't matter if you are a professional coffee maker or not. If you use the correct ingredients, you will have a delicious, amazing result!

Is it important to use fresh coffee powder when I prepare for filter coffee?
The golden rule is yes, you must use fresh coffee powder.

For brewing good coffee, coffee powder plays an important role. You can get it roasted and ground from most Artisan LaPetite Franchises. Keep the filter well dry before adding coffee as this is another great hack in preparing great filter coffee.

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