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History Of Turkish Coffee

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History Of Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is very impressive, strongly brewed coffee around the world. Turkish Coffee was explored in the 16th century by Ozdemir Pasha, who was a Yemen Governor of the Ottoman Empire. It was a strong drink made from coffee beans. He introduced Turkish coffee to Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. The Sultan was impressed by the extraordinary drink and as a result, gave it the Royal Seal of Approval. The Sultan’s cuisine staff roasted the coffee beans, transforming them into a magical powder; then, boiled the coffee powder with boiled water in jezve (a small pot which is able to hold 240 ml). Later on, this strong coffee became well known all over the Ottoman Empire, and the Turkish Coffee craft became a profession.

In 1554, the first coffee houses appeared in Istanbul, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, and coffee houses were used by people for important meetings. The brewing of Turkish coffee is the oldest method of coffee preparation. Turkish merchants began to sell these delicious and aromatic coffee beans, teaching their special preparing methods in Europe in the 17th century. Turkish coffee was served without sugar. Sugar was discovered in Europe in the 16th century.

Part of Europe, Balkan, and some Mediterranean countries was part of the Ottoman Empire, so many people from different regions were familiar with the Turkish coffee but they gave it different names. People from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Iran, and Israel call Turkish Coffee “beautiful coffee”. Bosnian people named it Bosnian coffee, people from Cyprus know it as Cypriot coffee, and in Greece its called elliniko. So, Turkish coffee is well known by many people around the world, although it carries a different name in each region. Turkish coffee has become famous because of its preparing methods, amazing taste, and because you can create memorable times with friends while enjoying this delicious drink!

The Turkish coffee culture has been passed on for years from generation to generation by coffee-loving communities. It has also been accepted into the Intangible Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO. Turkish Coffee is used for for showing hospitality as well as providing entertainment. There is even a quote, that drinking a cup of Turkish coffee with a loved one provides forty years of unforgettable memories.

Benefits of Turkish Coffee

  • Turkish coffee has a highly concentrated dose of caffeine that boosts athletic and mental performance.
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Decreases breast and pancreas cancer risk
  • Makes breathing easier
  • Prevents high tension
  • Effective in treating depression and headaches

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