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Turkish Coffee's Ability To Fight Cancer

By :Artisan Lapetite Admin 0 comments
Turkish Coffee's Ability To Fight Cancer

Turkish coffee has been helping many people to maintain sharp mind and drive away fatigue with its caffeine contents. What would we do without coffee? Other than keeping us alert and awake, coffee also potentially helps fight cancer.

According to the dietitian Melis Destereci, ‘’Turkish Coffee helps to cease the growth of cancerous cells.’’

Turkish coffee is rich in antioxidants that can prevent cell damage, aging and cancer cells from growing. “Clorogenic acids, phytoestrogens, polyphenols, and caffeine in Turkish coffee fights the free radicals that can cause cancer and mutations in the DNA,” says Destereci.

These substances in Turkish coffee protects cells against cancer and consuming 2-3 demitasses of Turkish Coffee decreases the chance of getting cancer by up to 13%. “Turkish Coffee wages war against breast and womb cancer seen amongst females and prostate cancer seen amongst males,’’ Destereci adds.

Drinking Turkish coffee regularly also helps the chances of growing cancer cells. Consuming 3 cups of Turkish coffee drops the chance of mouth and esophagus cancers by 30%, and colon cancers by 25%. Turkish coffee also reduces the chance of getting liver and skin cancer if consumed daily.

Because of coffee’s natural dehydrating attribute, the most beneficial amount of Turkish coffee a day is 2-3 demitasses. It is recommended to consume Turkish coffee for health benefits without sugar due to sugar may feed cancer cells and other inflammations.

Source : Turkish Coffee Versus Cancer

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