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Turkish Coffee with Cardamom 250g / 8.18oz


Ground Turkish Coffee, Cardamom WHAT IS TURKISH COFFEE - The key difference between a cup of instant coffee and Turkish coffee is in the grounding. Whereas instant coffee is made from dried coffee which is then rehydrated, Turkish coffee is made by using coffee beans which have been perfectly roasted...


  • Ground Turkish Coffee, Cardamom

  • WHAT IS TURKISH COFFEE - The key difference between a cup of instant coffee and Turkish coffee is in the grounding. Whereas instant coffee is made from dried coffee which is then rehydrated, Turkish coffee is made by using coffee beans which have been perfectly roasted and finely ground, resulting in a higher caffeine concentration and a characteristic robust flavor.
  • TRADITION - Turkey has one of the most well known coffee cultures. Until today, the country’s traditional coffee houses remains and they have not been overtaken by the global chain such as Starbucks, Donkin Donut's. Artisan La Petite is proud to bring you the Finest Turkish coffee so you enjoy the wonderful traditional taste.
  • PREPARATION - Turkish coffee is it is typically prepared using a cezve, a typical long-handled pot made from copper or brass, by boiling it on the fire and letting the powder settle at the bottom. it is then poured into small or espresso cups. some people drink Turkish Coffee as an instant coffee. It is common to add flavor and spices to the coffee like cinnamon or cardamom to enhance the taste.
  • FUN FACT - In a traditional Turkish wedding, coffee is a major part of the celebration. It plays a significant role in the pre-wedding event when the groom’s parents visit the bride’s family to ask for the soon-to-be bride’s hand and blessings of her parents. During this family gathering, the bride is required to serve Turkish coffee to her guests.
  • FRESH & PREMIUM & ELITE QUALITY: The finest beans are carefully selected & skillfully roasted, then instantly packed to preserve the deep, rich aroma and freshness we’re famous for. Excellent choice for Turkish Coffee, Greek Coffee, Arabic Coffee, Mehmet Efendi Coffee lovers

  • FINE GRIND- Traditional Turkey Coffee uses very finely ground coffee beans. Our coffee is manual ground to a very fine powder.

  • SEALED PACKAGE- Vacuum sealed package for freshness. 


Premium Fine Ground Arabica Coffee
Medium Roast
Fresh Roasted
Gluten free
Roasted and Packed in Turkey

Product details
Flavor : Cardamom  |  Size: 250g / 7.2ounce
Package Dimensions : 9 x 4.3 x 1.9 inches; 8.18 Ounces


Turkish Coffee

Carrying different name in different parts of the world Turkish coffee became famous not only because of its preparing methods and unique taste, but because of its culture of creating memorable times with friends while enjoying this delicious drink! The Turkish coffee culture has been passed on for years from generation to generation by coffee loving communities. It has also been accepted into the Intangible Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO.

There is a famous quote: Drinking a cup of Turkish coffee with a loved one provides forty years of unforgettable memories.

Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Iran and Israel call Turkish Coffee “beautiful coffee” 

Bosnian people named it Bosnian coffee. 

Cyprus named it Cypriot coffee. 

Greece called it elliniko. 


We love Coffee

Turkish coffee has a unique identity and tradition with its special taste, smell, cooking and presentation.

Artisan La Petite live the perfect coffee experience with its unique coffee aroma and taste.

Different than other methods, the coffee is boiled in the Turkish method and this is especially preferred.

This boiling is slight boiling and generally, it is the interaction between the heated water and finely grounded coffee rather than a significant temperature increase.

Artisan La Petite reflects all the properties of a good coffee with delicious taste and permanent aroma.

Coffee Love

You need to keep the coffee away from light, air-contact and humidity for best preservation.

Coffee preservation conditions are necessary to keep the coffee fresh.

Storing the coffee under inadequate conditions will lead to the taste of the coffee to disappear.

The coffee must be stored in air-tight glass, ceramic or metal jars.

Artisan La Petite uses the best Arabica coffee beans to give you an enjoyable coffee experience with a balanced aroma and delicious taste.

Our aim is to share the best-roasted coffee that evokes happy and positive feelings in each cup with you.

Benefits of Cardamom

§ Helps with digestive problems, including ulcers

§ Treats bad breath and prevents cavities

§ Lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol

§ Extract may decrease elevated liver enzymes, triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

§ Reduces chronic inflammation

§ Boosts antioxidant activity

§ Cardamom is antibacterial and antifungal

"One of the drivers of the [Ottoman] empire’s economy from Selim’s day through to the early 18th century was the control of the global coffee trade. In fact, Selim’s military encountered the plant with bright red berries during its incursion into Yemen. 

The Ottomans began to brew this berry, and with it created institutions devoted solely to drinking coffee: We (and Starbucks owner Howard Schultz) have Selim to thank for the coffeehouse." 

- The Washington Post, "The Ottoman sultan who changed America - America, Protestantism and coffee all have a Muslim history"


Welcome to the Artisan La Petite World! 

Our story began in the 1930’s, and our recipes date back to those times. We can say that our experience comes from our Grandmothers and their tried-and-true family recipes. They transitioned from working from home to opening their first showroom in the 1960s.

We, as their grandchildren, took their wishes to the next step and created integrated facilities with the power of women in Bursa, Turkey.

Artisan La Petite is a company that works in every production step with woman power. We are sure that our ancestors wishes that for us when they began this adventure.

As the Artisan La Petite family, we believe that when we care about someone, we fill their life with love, laughter and tradition. And after that we are proud to say that we are a family business created by a strong and successful woman.

Artisan La Petite gives all kind of services for ordering many different delicious, handmade flavors and more. When we describe our products, we want to remind you that we use our special flavors that are tried-and-true 'grandma’s' recipe’s. Our founder worked hard to create the company we have today with her experience and her gourmet knowledge.

Since our first day in the industry, we always think about our clients and take their wishes into consideration, because we believe that if we meet the wishes of our customers, we can show them our deep appreciation.

Artisan La Petite's goal is to always be halal and to meet high quality standards. Our future goal is to continue to satisfy our customers, while we continue to grow.

‘’Artisan La Petite, true-and-tried recipes’’

Artisan La Petite Team

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