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About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Artisan LaPetite world! 

Our story began in the 1930’s, and our recipes date back to those times. We can say that our experience comes from our Grandmothers and their tried-and-true family recipes. They transitioned from working from home to opening their first showroom in the 1960s.

We, as their grandchildren, took their wishes to the next step and created integrated facilities with the power of women in Bursa, Turkey.

Artisan LaPetite is a company that works in every production step with woman power. We are sure that our ancestors wishes that for us when they began this adventure.


As the Artisan LaPetite family, we believe that when we care about someone, we fill their life with love, laughter and tradition. And after that we are proud to say that we are a family business created by a strong and successful woman.

Artisan LaPetite gives all kind of services for ordering many different delicious, handmade flavors and more. When we describe our products, we want to remind you that we use our special flavors that are tried-and-true 'grandma’s' recipe’s. Our founder worked hard to create the company we have today with her experience and her gourmet knowledge.

Since our first day in the industry, we always think about our clients and take their wishes into consideration, because we believe that if we meet the wishes of our customers, we can show them our deep appreciation.

Artisan LaPetite's goal is to always be halal and tp meet high quality standards. Our future goal is to continue to satisfy our customers, while we continue to grow.

‘’Artisan LaPetite, true-and-tried recipes’’

Artisan La Petite Team


Take time to make the impossible and earn the trust of our clients.


When working towards our goal, we keep in mind the needs of the environment. Nature, handmade recipes, memorable tastes and even woman power. When we are on our way to make the impossible - possible, we don't want to forget the needs of the environment. We always believe that this will take us to the next steps every time.