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The right investment,

higher earnings ...

Our goal is,

Being a large family together; With all the concepts presented in the best locations that share our professional experience with you the best fresh roasted coffee and innovative products we want to be one big family.

Call us.
Good for coffee, we have ...

We strive for innovation,

"Good for coffee", not Doya


Our company for many years, for many well- known brand in the café sector; by private research and development company, has produced a new and innovative products, operating in the industry and many national and international companies, the industry is specialized work.

We are competitive,

Because all our products

from our own facility;

All our products are manufactured in our own facility tasty, to be delivered directly to the business partners, provides a comfortable environment with market competition.

Winner as,

Coffee Every Time We Say Saves;

East of the West to end the culture of coffee gifts, today is the second largest sector after oil from the world trade. We are people who want to start their own business, for entrepreneurs and business people showing interest in the food sector offer a lucrative investment opportunity.

We love our job.
Good coffee passionately committed.

We offer you every taste, a flavor that we stop trying repeatedly reached.

With a passion for good coffee, excitement and pleasure are working relentlessly.

That the fruit of our excellent flavor of our coffee research.

The best coffee, the best venue in, the things we do best to provide the most ideal price ...

We love good coffee;

Fine Coffee is ideal as is the industry together with our customers to get a taste of life become the most popular coffee shop and joining hands with our dealers grow.


Our main mission; spread positive energy with our innovative concept cafe, everywhere with different and fun to be with a hot draft is to deliver products with new flavors everywhere.

We are open for development,

Over the years, by detecting the chance to observe and experience in the coffee sector, we find the customers' requests and the shortcomings of the sector, we continuously develop ourselves.

Very traditionalt;

Turkey and the ignoring coffee culture values by signing a policy in the world Sultani Ottoman Dibek Coffee with oblivion have kept the values of our fore remove great care the top spot anyone to immerse the opaque food, different flavored Turkish coffee and our traditional culture as well both inside and outside the country with the production and taste our It is working to spread.

We strive for innovation,

For good coffee, we heard voracious innovation and learning work at the point we have reached today against our enthusiasm we do not put our glasses nothing we do not like ourselves drinking customers.

We have together,

Investors, business partners and guests not only delicious products of our power, is innovative and friendly team Fine Coffee. Every person who wants to drink our coffee and our guests would like guests in our own home and we welcome them. We encourage them to add value to our investors our brand.

What We Provide?

  • Fine Coffee brand
• Location assistance in the analysis and selection
• Products specifically designed for the Fine Coffee
• Stock, product preparation, presentation and staff training • Marketing, social media and communication support
• Quality control
• Architectural planning and design support
• Opening operation support

R&D Innovation

Our team is open to continuous improvement. Considering the needs of our guests and our investors are working constantly to develop new products and services.

Your Patronus Your Own Business

Our investors who fully included in our franchise system with a company of their own coffee industry by continually gives you a lucrative job in the world would be the boss of their own business investments.

Supply of Direct Production

All our products are manufactured in our own facility tasty, to be delivered directly to the business partners, provides a comfortable environment with market competition.

Turnkey System

The architectural team made the discovery in accordance with the specified location and design concept makes it ready for operation. It establishes and makes all the necessary infrastructure, our field teams ready to open your workplace. Our team is with you all the time after opening for support.

Quality Mechanism

Everyone in our family of quality experts ... Even our guests .... Our brand grows, by our quality team of professionals to monitor carefully the quality of products and services, the terms of a neutral point of view, we conduct continuous improve- ment and motivational programs.


We are aware that being educated and having a good team is to be successful in our business. Expert trainers decided to join our family in our area as free education standards are available to all investors and teams will be formed.

Fine Coffee Joining Our Family Process

Concept and willing to meet our investors who want to fill in the application form available on our website, come to our office or carry out a preliminary application for promotion. Once we receive your form, our franchise team provides the necessary information to reach you.

Preliminary interviews and Brand Presentation

Our investors deemed suitable candidates as a result of information received and carried out the first detailed information about our promotional applications were hosted in our office franchise prompt.

Location Selection

After our presentation center of our field teams from interviews with investors who have suitable candidate, it makes our concept feasibility to determine the most appropriate location.


Feasibility studies of the franchise contract signed with our investors appropriate.

Building & Decorating Process

The architectural design and implementation work will begin after the signing of the contract and Fine Coffee concept is implemented.

Training and Organization

Our team of expert training near the completion of the architectural staff selection and training process is carried out together with you.


You are now familiar with your new and profitable business. After the decoration and completion of the training process is carried Fine Coffee store openings.